6 Myths About Tyres

6 Myths About Tyres

You must have often heard about rules and misconceptions regarding your car tyres. We stereotypically believe truth and lies about tyres. Here are 6 myths that Comforser wants to break down for you to make sure you do not get tricked into false beliefs:

1. You do not need to rotate your tyres

A popular rumor must have surely reached you stating that you do not need to rotate your tyres. People are less aware of the fact that rotating tyres can help them last longer. When you rotate your tyres, they wear out evenly and hence run longer on roads. Since tyres wear differently according to the terrain you’re driving on or the condition you are in, rotating your tyres is a good way of ensuring the safety of your drive.

2. Used tyres are all terrible

Used tyres can indeed be a good investing if you know what you’re looking for. Though we at Comforser will never suggest you to get used tyres fitted on a vehicle that is used on a daily bases but if you are willing to save a few dollars, you can buy a used vehicle and use it as a spare. Instead of taking your vehicle to a garage for a puncture, these spare tyres can be of great help. Make sure you have checked the visible cuts and grazes for the safety of your vehicle.

3. You rarely need to check your tyres

If you believe in this myth, you’re probably the most unsafe driver on road. You must regularly check your tyres to make sure they are not deflated or worn out. If you run your car on roads with inflated tyres there are chances that they may blow out. Make sure you keep a regular check on your tyres and get them replaced whenever required.

4. Over inflation can lead to a burst tyre

It is almost impossible for your tyres to explode even if you over inflate them. The only thing that is to be kept in mind is over-inflated tyres have a fair chance of blowing out if they hit a rough bump or a pothole.

5. Tyres last forever

If you believe that you can dump a new tyre in your spare tyre storage and forget about it to pull it out after years and use it as a new tyre, you know very little about tyres. Tyres usually have a lifespan of 5 years. If you still have an old tyre and you want to get its condition checked, you might want to ask us to check your old tyre during our services. We will be more than happy to help you with that.

6. Always put new tyres on the front

This myth is partially true because it’s very important for you to make sure the rear tyres are in a good condition. It’s necessary to have grippy tyres to assist with steering as that is done through the front axle. We would suggest that if you see any of the tyres coming to an end of their lifecycle, you must not take risks and get them changed immediately.

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