Comforser brings you the best of high performance tyres. Before purchasing one, you need to know how performance tyres are different from the rest of the tyres. These high performance tyres have are mainly used to increase the speed of the vehicle. These tyres do not provide you a great road grip and hence put more stress on the engine. High performance tyres are usually made of rubber that is softer than regular passenger or all season tyres. These tyres are specifically made for a very high speed.

CF 700 High Performance

CF 700 Ultra High Performance Tyres

These high performance tyres come in a wide range. The asymmetric tread design is helpful for ride stability and precise handling. It is the best for drainage of waterand minimization of hydroplaning at high speeds.

CF 710 High Performance

CF 710 High Performance Car Tire

The CF 710 car tyre is made for high performance with an asymmetric tread design that enables better cornering, braking and high speed driving. The outside shoulder is made for better and high speed turning performance, while the inside shoulder has multiple sipes for great water drainage. The wide center rib provides stability for high speed straight-line driving and the softer high-silica tread compound ensures excellent braking performance.

CF 720 Oversized High Performance

CF 720 Oversize High Performance Tire

The CF 720 is a high performance tyre for large diameter rims, made for all-weather high speed driving and minimal wear. Directional tread provides stability at high speeds and an excellent shoulder design ensures better handling. Six grooves and a softer high-silica tread compound ensure great traction on wet and slick roads.

Sports K4

Sports K4 Tire

The Sports K4 Tire is a high performance car tyre designed for easy handling and excellent fuel economy, with grooves and sipes optimized to minimize road noise while not sacrificing traction. The K4 tread compound is engineered to reduce rolling resistance and lessening fuel consumption.